Thursday, September 29, 2011

Night Night

Olivia got this beautiful blanket tonight from the Griffin family it matches the crib sheets and pajama's (both formerly Cami Stephens). I now have quite an affection towards purple.
I got this shot as I put her down for the evening. She is such a content baby. Happy wherever you put her even in her crib.
Night Night sweet girl.
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Zac Brown

Levi wants to be just like Zac Brown. We watch his concert on TV a lot. Today he was watching and decided he wanted a helmet just like "Ac!" Can't quite say his z's yet.

Olivia's buddy

Meet Hadley. She is 6 days older than Olivia. She has two older sisters who we see around town quite a bit. We always dressed the girls in this outfit on different days so today we planned it so we could get this shot. Olivia kept watching Hadley and smiling at her. Hadley let Olivia try out her head band... too cute. We are excited to watch them grow up together.
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Uncle Tom's photo shoot

Uncle Tom takes amazing pictures of our kids and we are so thankful that he is always capturing shots behind the lens. Thanks Uncle Tom! How cute are our nephews?
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Levi's new wheels

Papah and Mimi got Levi a brand new bike for his birthday. He loved it. We didn't have any room in our wagon so it is being brought down this weekend. We can't wait to see him pedaling around the neighborhood.
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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sibling Love

Note: Don't worry we were closely monitoring this sibling interaction.
Olivia and I go and get Levi from his crib when he wakes up if she is awake. He loves it and asks for "baby" to lay on his pillow. She seems to enjoy it too. Look at that smile. Brandon came home just in time to capture these shots. One day I am sure neither of them will be smiling but for now its fun to watch them enjoy each other!

Levi had his 2 year old check up yesterday. 90% in height and weight. And top of the charts in head measurement. No surprise to us!
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7 weeks

What a precious smile. Olivia is such a sweet little girl. The time is going by so fast. We love when she smiles. Lights up her whole face and ours too!
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Our little musician

Levi still loves to play his guitar. He wants to bring it wherever he goes. And if he doesn't have his guitar he asks for a pic and pretends that anything is a guitar. The other day we were at the Teeter and he took the Coke fridge pack and starting strumming it. He got a guitar strap from Gaga and Papa for his birthday. He loved seeing dada's friends and watching T0mmy playing his guitar. He looks at Tommy like he is some one famous. Its so sweet.
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Monday, September 26, 2011

Like father like son?

Levi got his first football uniform... he and Brandon loved it! I love this shot of him... looks like he is already on the defensive line!
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Talking to her mama

We had a great weekend in Cary with grandparents and celebrating a friends wedding. Love these shots of Olivia and I having a good conversation together the firsts of many to come!
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Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Today we went to the local arboretum for a play date. Levi loved feeding these coy fish. Not sure why we have never done this before. I swear there were some fish bigger than Olivia.
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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Olivia's fun playdate

We have been going to playdates with friends from church on Fridays. Yesterday Olivia finally got to play and join in on the fun. One thing that I love about Levi is that he loves to "place" people. He got off this horse and wanted baby to join in on the fun. She enjoyed it can you tell? This was from my friends cell phone so its a bit fuzzy... Levi is such a great big brother, we are so proud of him.
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Thursday, September 15, 2011


Gotta love this smile.
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Levi's future?

One of Levi's best birthday gifts was this framed picture. Renee got this made for Levi. Isn't it great? Who knows maybe this is his future? The crazy thing is that Brandon realized that this team was one of the years he played at State. Levi is proud of his new picture, he points at it and says "football."
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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Levi's Birthday!

Our little guy turned two yesterday. We had such a good day celebrating him. Olivia and I started by greeting him in the morning. Olivia wanted to join him in his crib. Levi loves when we do this. Then we went to the Children's Museum. He loves driving the bus and this time he painted too. We then had a little party with his cousins who helepd him blow out his candles and eat cupcakes. Uncle Tom and Olivia were also there, love this picture of them looking at each other. After nap we had the Griffin girls over to celebrate too. We had fun watching him open his presents, a concept he is beginning to understand which makes it so fun. He loved his new "airplane" and pilot hat. Then the night was complete by him watching the Zac Brown DVD concert with dada. He loves watching guitars. We can't beleive two years have gone by we are so proud of him and love being his parents. We look forward to what this year has in store for him!
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