Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Oh what a fun time of year. We are so excited to celebrate Christmas this year! We have had fun getting the house and children ready for Christmas. Levi got a tree this year and Mimi and Papa gave Levi's favorite ornament to date...a guitar. How appropriate! Tis the Season!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Thankful on Thanksgiving!

We had such a great Thanksgiving but we didn't take a lot of pictures. Papah did capture these sweet shots of a thankful father!

Happy Baby

We are so thankful for Cameron Stephens, she has graciously let Olivia borrow her precious clothes as previously seen on the blog! Thanks so much. We love this matching hat!

Sleeping Beauty

Olivia is such a sweet sleeper. She loves to sleep with both her arms above her head. We are so thankful that she is such a good sleeper!

Saturday, November 26, 2011


Levi's new instrument from Mimi and Papa. He loves it. He loves to watch the fiddle player on the Zac Brown band and play along. Our boy loves to watch and "play" music. I hope that his love for music continues!

Happy Birthday to DaDa

We had such a fun time celebrating Brandon last weekend. I mean who wouldn't want to celebrate a guy in bow tie?! We love you!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Smiles for Aunt Jo

Olivia gave some good smiles for Aunt Jodi. We wanted to get these pictures before Tom and Jodi have their sweet baby. We are hoping that he/she is a Turkey Baby! Olivia will seem so old next to her new little cousin. In the meantime she enjoyed hanging with the boys and Reagan.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sunday, November 13, 2011

FBC Basketball

We had a meeting at church tonight and afterwards Levi asked to go "shoot..." we love living so close to our church's activity center and to be able to take advantage of this basketball court. Levi loves to "shoot" and "pass." He loves it and we love watching him play... this last shot is Levi trying to be like Mike!

Spillars Twins

Oh how we love it when we get to see the Spillars twins... Greyson and Connor. They came over to see us last weekend with their mommy and grandma. What a fun visit. Their mom Megan has been in the "Peterson Family" since Hawaii trip during our freshmen year... we have come a long way... a total of 4 kids! We loved how protective Greyson was of Olivia so much that Levi needed to give him a big hug!

A Visit from the kids Great Grandparents

We had a great visit with the kids great grandparents from Kentucky. We were so excited that they visited. We enjoyed seeing them and Levi loved putting a concert on for them!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween

NC State's football team might not be having the best season ever but its still a fun costume right? Such a cute cheerleader and a tough football guy!
We had fun celebrating at the church and then a party at our house with friends.
This is the best picture we could get of the six kids the oldest being Levi and youngest being 3 weeks!
We did a costume change for Olivia to be like her friend and fellow bumble bee, Eliza.

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3 Months

Our little girl is 3 months old. We went to Airlie again for her monthly shots in Halloween gear! I thought it would be fun to see how small she is next to the big Airlie Oak. Levi decided that playing tennis was more fun than pictures. This is his favorite new sport! Our boy loves anything that involves a ball! He was quick to get a hang of it.
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